About Us

Dear Neighbor,

We are Lakewood United Methodist Church and we are your neighbor. We come in all ages, backgrounds, colors, shapes, and identities. We are not a big church. We have a traditional service but we are not traditional people. We embrace the theology of open hearts, open minds, and open doors. We are a Reconciling Congregation.

We have a pipe organ that we play proudly. We sing hymns and even have a hand bell choir. We still do pot lucks. We know each other’s stories. We are a mix of ideas and of shades of belief. We embrace the idea of a loving and forgiving God for all people, a God who calls us to help and serve others. We respond to that call by helping people with the basics of food and shelter. We share each other’s joy and suffer each other’s sorrows. We try as best we can.

If you are looking for a church home we hope you will visit and consider us. Our service is at 10:15 on Sunday mornings. When you visit, you will not be anonymous: the folks next to you in the pew will want to know you, your family, and your story. We are located at 2443 Abrams (between Lakeshore and Palo Pinto). Parking is in the back. Even if you are not looking for a church home, we hope you will come by and introduce yourself as a neighbor. If you would like more information, please call (214) 823-9623, e-mail us at office@mylakewoodchurch.org, or visit our website at mylakewoodchurch.org.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your neighbor,

Lakewood United Methodist Church

A Reconciling Congregation

We are pleased to be a part of the Reconciling Ministries Network. We recognize all people (no exceptions!) as children of God and we welcome you to worship with us. For more details, read our Mission Statement.




Our Staff

Rev. Patrick Littlefield, Senior Pastor: littlefield.patrick@gmail.com

John Gill, Music Director: jkg88@yahoo.com

Eva Cherry, Office Administrator: office@mylakewoodchurch.org